Action days against repression and authoritarian formation!

The nationwide ‚Day of Action‘ is since 1996 March 18th. This date has had several meanings in the history of class struggle. The arising proletariat fought on barricades the noblemen and Burgeoise on March 18th in 1848 . The first short take-over of power happened 23 years later on March 18th 1871 through the labouring class, in the ‚Paris Commune‘. Up to the 20’s of this century March 18th was refered to as ‚Day of the Commune‘. Red Aid took, in 1923, the connection with this historical event as an inducement to proclaim this an ‚International day of support for political prisoners‘. Libertad! initiated, in 1996, a day ‚for the freedom of political prisoners and against repression and opression through the state‘, for the first time in years. Since then many different actions and events take place nationwide, which present repression and political prisoners as themes.